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Is Weed-Infused Wine The Next Big Thing?

Have you tried a glass of weed wine? We’re guessing not, but…

If you’ve heard of “Green Dragon” or “Tincture” then you can probably guess what weed-infused wine is all about.

It’s not actually that hard to create weed wine and has become increasingly popular.

Be careful though when making or consuming weed wine, because it might be illegal in your state.

Let’s take a look into what we can expect for the future of weed-infused wines.

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Booze And Weed Is Not New

weed wine - cannabis wine

Marijuana and alcohol were more commonly paired together in a tincture in the past before cannabis prohibition set in.

Tinctures could have been purchased over the counter at your local drug store.

Imagine that.

According to Carl Ruck, a professor of classical mythology at Boston University:

“Ancient wines were always fortified, like the ‘strong wine’ of the Old Testament, with herbal additives: opium, datura, belladonna, mandrake and henbane…[so] the easy availability and long tradition of cannabis use would have seen it included in the mixtures [too].”

Cannabis tinctures started to pop up around the 1840’s in America and heavily gained popularity after that.

They were used to treat minor ailments like colds or headaches and was thought of to be generally benign.

In today’s culture, if you’re mixing alcohol and cannabis then it’s normally for recreational purposes.

Some may even say that this method of consumption creates an easier barrier of entry for newbie cannabis users.

So, how trendy is this form of cannabis?

Well, a certain celebrity is using their voice to be an activist and starting her own line of weed wine.

If it gains traction, then it could definitely become quite the trend.

Melissa Etheridge

weed wine - cannabis

Melissa Etheridge is a singer/songwriter, grammy award winner, cancer survivor and marijuana activist among other things.

She was found to proudly announce her role as spokeswoman for a new high-end line of weed-infused wines (one of which is called No Label) a couple years ago.

Vice’s Munchies sought out this brand new kind of wine and tried it.

Reports are that it’s “delicious” and “outstanding” with a slight “herbal taste” to it, which apparently isn’t as overbearing as you might think.

Etheridge claims that after about ten minutes into sipping this weed wine you begin to feel “a certain warmth” spreading.

She adds that it’s more “comforting than inebriating”.

She believes this relaxing mixture to be sought out from customers who are looking for real stress relief without getting unhinged.

How Much Does Weed Wine Cost?

weed wine - wine

Rebel Coast is a winery that is at the forefront of weed-infused wines.

With the announcement of their experimental weed wines, Rebel Coast received huge coverage from NewsWeek and NYPost.

Pre-orders for their infused Sauvignon Blanc started at a price of $59.99 and was set to ship any state where legal recreational marijuana was allowed.

As of late, Rebel Coast has been forced to remove shipping for any other state besides California.

In general, this product can be found anywhere from $30 to over $100!

Buying it in a location where it’s legal to purchase?

That’s another story.


Weed wine looks to be popular in the future for cannabis enthusiasts, but…

Might be a bit longer until this product is legal in your state.

There’s no doubt in our mind that weed-infused wine is going to be a hit when wine drinkers and smokers alike find it.

When the rest of the country catches on then we’ll probably start to see major retailers start to pick it up and put it on their own shelves!

Cannabis and wine lovers don’t fret because weed wine is just around the corner.

Are you down for a glass of weed wine? Let us know in the comment section below.