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Is Being a Budtender The Best Job?

Wait, what’s a budtender?

Well, you know what a bartender does so you can probably guess what a budtender does too.

It’s a relatively new job that comes with the legalization of marijuana.

If you’re in a state where there is legal recreational marijuana then you can be sure that there will be budtenders at any dispensary near you.

They provide an important and integral service to the marijuana industry which is not all fun and games.


Let’s jump into the brand new world of budtending.

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What Does a Budtender Actually Do?

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According to the staffing company whose aim is to to staff the marijuana industry, Ms. Mary’s Staffing website describes a budtender as this:

A budtender is someone who works with people and with marijuana, and that’s pretty much all. If you love those two things, the budtender job can be great.”

Seems like… the dream job for tons of cannabis enthusiasts out there!

Basically, you have to love weed and be good with people in order to be a proper budtender.

This sounds easy, right?

As you would expect, this budtending is in demand and you can expect heavy competition in the field.

Someone may be able to get the job before you simply because they have more experiential knowledge on marijuana and the various strains/effects it has.

Some perks include being able to try new merchandise before it hits the shelves and being able to just chat it up with customers about their experiences while you share your own!

As you will be in the front line of the emerging marijuana market, you will also be developing long term relationships with customers.

What’s Budtender Training Like?

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Well, it depends on where you’re looking to work as a budtender.

Some dispensaries may be more lenient on what they require for budtenders, but because the job is in high demand, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps the dispensary near you requires minimal knowledge to start working, but if you have accreditation from Oaksterdam University, then you have a way higher chance of getting hired.

You see, training is also in high demand and your local dispensary may not have their own training programs so there are a few Universities that specialize in budtending training in which you can get certifications.

On Oaksterdam’s course catalog, you can see budtending under “Budtender and Patient Relations”

They also have other courses such as: Business Management, Know Your Rights Workshop Manicuring and Drying Lab, and Horticulture 101.

If you want to be a budtender, why not call up some dispensaries and ask what kind of certifications they’re looking for in a budtender?

Maybe they don’t require Oaksterdam level certifications, but you’ll get a good idea of what you’ll need.

Is There A Real Career In Budtending?

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According to a Forbes article from late 2017, the marijuana industry as a whole was valued at 31.4 billion dollars.

Those numbers aren’t anything to sneeze at.

It’s essentially rivaling the alcohol and tobacco markets at the same time.

By this measure, we can surely be confident that there are careers being built in the marijuana industry.

Budtending will most likely be as commonplace as bartending currently is.

This burgeoning industry was unthinkable less than a decade ago but it has massive strides within the past couple of years.

Marijuana/cannabis establishments are going to become as pervasive as liquor stores and if you want to be at the forefront of it then consider budtender training in order to get in the loop.

Smoking weed may have just become one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.


Now that you know budtending is a real and important job…

Would you be able to undergo all the training that may come with it?

Budtending takes dedication and practice as well as having the want to learn about all aspects of the plant.

Don’t underestimate what may come with this job role.

You had better know your cannabis or you’ll have issues becoming a budtender.

Could you see yourself budtending? Let us know in the comments below!