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Are Cannabis Chocolates The Ultimate Weed Edibles?

Cannabis enthusiasts love snacking on their favorite weed edibles.

A popular form is chocolate based edible weed.

For as long as humans have been around, we’ve been indulging in cacao beans for food and medicine.

Chocolate not only contains tryptophan (precursor to serotonin) and phenylethylamine (related to amphetamine), but it’s also considered an aphrodisiac.

With the array of uses cacao offers, it’s no wonder humans have been in love with this particular been.

And when we say love, we truly mean love.

The constituents in cacao make for the same brain chemistry that we experience when we’re in love with someone.

But how does chocolate make the best weed edibles?

Keep on reading and we’ll explain.

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Historical Uses

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The Aztecs were the first on record to use cacao beans as an energy booster and increase libido.

The Emperor Montezuma was said to swallow beans before entering his romantic chambers.

The Olmecs predated the Aztecs and it is known that they roasted and grinded cacao beans for mostly drinking.

The Olmecs go back to 1500 B.C.E!

Later, the Spaniards were introduced to these people around the 16th century and the knowledge of the cacao bean was then poised to spread across the globe.

Conquistador Hernán Cortés wrote to the King of Spain Carlos about a drink called “xocalatl.”

He made claims on how the drink “builds up resistance and fights fatigue.”

Eventually, cacao was introduced into Europe and became the morning or bedtime drink of the higher classes.

The Biochemistry of Chocolate

weed edibles - biochemistry

Many believe that chocolate is the perfect pairing for weed edibles.

We can tell that by simply looking at the edible weed market.

When you think about weed edibles, the first item you’re likely to think of are brownies.

The chemical in chocolate that may help potentiate the effects of THC is called “anandamide.”

Also, anandamide is produced in the human brain and is considered an endocannabinoid, meaning that it’s our body’s own natural cannabinoid.

THC binds to the same receptors as anandamide and thus inhibits the breakdown of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, which result in the feelings of pleasure that we experience.

This is why chefs and some scientists believe that chocolate and marijuana are the ultimate pairing!

Are Weed Edibles Dangerous?

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There are some against edible weed products.

Of course, chocolate weed edibles are included which is blasphemous!

Also, there has been some controversy surrounding the edible weed market which spurred all new kinds of regulations and standards.

Standards were introduced in the Colorado House Bill 1284 to combat the non-regulated weed edibles, but no one really paid it any heed or attention.

What followed after were some social media scandals involving a few isolated instances of hospital patients that were found overdosed from weed edibles.

Now, we have the results of regulators and industry leaders hopping in with education campaigns such as “start low and go slow” in which refers to the consumption of edible weed.

Basically, any cannabis lover should know to be careful when consuming weed edibles and knowing their intake limit.

The Best Chocolate Edibles

weed edibles - Kiva Chocolate

There are a ton of great weed edibles out there with chocolate.

Just because the manufacturers had to adjust their standards doesn’t mean that customers can’t enjoy the deliciously pleasurable effects of cannabis chocolate in a responsibly dosed way.

The brand Incredibles was the High Times Cannabis Cup competition for 2016’s Best CBD Edible.

Kiva Bars are a trendy and popular kind of chocolate bar. They have mints, minis, and “Terra Bites” which are chocolate covered blueberries and espresso dark chocolates.

Each container has 20 bites. These make a total of 100mg of THC per container which is  5mg per bite.

Kiva Confections proudly boast their lab tested products and precise dosing practices.

They even go as far as to test for pesticides, microbiological contaminants, residual solvents and cannabinoids.

You can be sure that your chocolate is pure, tasty, and effective!


Weed and chocolate are a delicious and synergistic combo that makes you feel good in more ways than one.

It’s no wonder that people love to merge the two into a powerful combo.

Chocolate weed edibles are the best and will be around for awhile so maybe it’s time to try a brownie yourself!

What are your thoughts on chocolate and weed edibles? Let us know in the comment