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Can You Get Sick From Dirty Bong Water?

Let’s talk about dirty bong water…

It can taste horrible and we all know how gross it can look as well.

But can you actually get sick from dirty bong water?

There may be more than one reason why you should change your bong water often.

If you’ve ever wondered questioned your dirty bong water, then this blog post is for you!

Dive in and learn more about how you can get sick from dirty bong water.

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Will Dirty Bong Water Make You Sick?

dirty bong water - dirty bong

Standing water is known to accumulate bacteria and become an incubator for microorganisms.

In short: yes, you definitely can get sick from dirty bong water.

The same concept of bacteria accumulation can be found within the shower in your bathroom.

The first place mold is likely to show up is in the cracks and crevices of your shower.

Think of your bong as a vessel that has water running through it and when left unattended, it can accumulate unwanted build-up leading to mold.

Fusarium is a very common fungus that enjoys moist and damp areas.

This pathogen is also known to infect plants, including cannabis. If your plant lives in a dirty environment it will be subject to pathogens like fusarium.


In the case that you do have a moldy bong, you’re at risk of a few things:

  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • General malaise
  • Coughing fits
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Lung infections

Some of these symptoms will not lead you to the conclusion that it may have been your dirty bong water making you sick!

It’s important to take care of your bong so you’ll be able to taste all the different terpenes and flavors that come from your bud.

Essentially, you want to enjoy all the great flavors your cannabis has to offer but you’ll have to be vigilant about maintaining a clean bong.

The point is that you should change your dirty bong water frequently.

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How Often Should You Clean Dirty Bong Water?

dirty bong water - clean bong

You can change your dirty bong water as often as you want, but if you want to avoid molds and fungi, then you should change your water at least once a day.

If you’ve ever let your bong go without a change of water for an extended period of time then you know what a dirty bong smells like…

And that smell is TERRIBLE.

That’s usually an indicator that it should have been changed a while ago.

Another thing to keep in mind is how you are storing your bong.

You’ll want to keep your bong in a place that’s dry and well-ventilated.

With the potential for pockets of moisture to be trapped in your bong, condensation that invites bacteria and mold could unknowingly form so consider rinsing your bong before use or make sure that it’s stored in a dry place!


Nobody wants to taste the dirtiness of your dirty bong water and get sick from it so keep your bong clean for your lungs, but also your friends who you’re sharing with.

Remember to change your bong water at least once a day as a best practice.

Tell your friend that always smokes dirty bong water that he’s gross and he should change it once a day.

You may just save him from a nasty sickness!

Are you going to change your dirty bong water more often after reading this blog? Tell us in the comments below!