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9 Places You Should Live If You Love Weed

Do you love weed and live in a state or country that doesn’t?

Let’s be honest.

Weed smokers have wondered what it would be like to live on a 420-friendly planet.

Wouldn’t that be nice…

Unfortunately,  that’s just a luxury we simply don’t have yet!

But for now, we can hope to become like countries that love weed and have legalized it already.

Do you want to live in a place that does not criminalize your lifestyle?

Then you need to check out these 9 places that love weed and embrace the lifestyle.

1. California

love weed - california

We’ll start out with the more well-known places that are weed friendly.

California has been the leader for the American marijuana legalization movement.

If you want the lowdown on California’s recent landmark victory for recreational marijuana, then check out the article here

Otherwise, this state has amazing recreational and medicinal marijuana for all who love weed.

2. The Netherlands

love weed - nederlands

The Dutch are famous for their tolerant opinions towards drugs.

They have classifications of “soft drugs” like marijuana, sedatives, and sleeping pills, while their “hard drugs” classification include the usual suspects like cocaine, heroin, meth.

They’re so lenient in fact, that they’re one of the few western societies to allow some hard drugs like Psilocybin to be purchased in the form of truffles.

A beautiful place and one that embraces weed lovers.

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3. Canada

love weed - canada

Canada is another tolerant country when it comes to marijuana and loving marijuana.

Currently, marijuana is being used for medicinal and scientific purposes only but…

As of this year, recreational pot is planned to become legalized in July 2018.

But even so, it hasn’t been so hard to get marijuana from establishments that operate under a legal gray area.

Canada would be a great country to live in and the plan for recreational marijuana that’s in place is a great sign too.

4. Colorado

love weed - colorado

Colorado is the second-most mentioned state when it comes to marijuana.

The state completely legalized marijuana in 2014.

This is a great spot to enjoy rec marijuana due to the very tolerant state laws.

Colorado is a beautiful state so if you love weed then this might be the place for you.

5. Oregon

love weed - oregon

Oregon and Washington State rival each other for third most-mentioned American state for friendly marijuana laws.

As of 2016, the government has doled out licenses to sell recreationally to a limited number of businesses.

Since late 2016 the numbers have skyrocketed!

Right now, Measure 91 allows adults 21 and older to carry an ounce of weed in public and up to 4 plants at home.

Pretty dope, huh?

Oregon locks in at number 5 and is an amazing state for any type of toker!

6. Portugal

love weed - portugal

Now onto the lesser known weed-friendly places to live on this planet!

Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001 in favor of a system of laws designed to provide treatment instead of criminalization!

That should make you feel pretty good about having a smoke session or two in Portugal.

7. Washington State

love weed - washington state

This beautiful state is famous for its legalization of cannabis.

In December 2012, Initiative-502 legalized marijuana for adults 21 and up with certain provisions.

You don’t need to worry about lighting up in this state.

8. Uruguay

love weed - uruguay

Uruguay legalized recreational cannabis back in December 2013.

There was quite a lot of sensation about it and huge pushes for legalization begun after an elderly marijuana enthusiast was raided. The writers plants were taken by the police one night and sent many into a furious rage.

Eventually thousands of people ended up protesting demanding for her release.

Two years later, recreational marijuana was legalized.

9. Spain

love weed - spain

Spain has decriminalized weed but has not legalized the plant.

If you live in Spain then you’ll need to access some another way.

One of the easiest ways to obtain it is by joining a cannabis club.

They’re technically a private club-like entity so you can easily acquire some and take it back to have a smoke legally in the privacy of your own home.


When weed is involved in your lifestyle, it’s ideal to not have to worry about having your daily toke without prying eyes and criminalizing laws.

Are you tired of the sneakiness and wanting to just relax?

Then you might want to look into more information on these 9 dope places mentioned above.

Broaden your horizons and don’t be scared to venture out in the world.

Otherwise, just relax and lay low!

Have you visited any of these places before? Let us know in the comments below!