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7 Things First-Time Dabbers Need To Know

Calling all first-time dabbers or those already deep in the dab game…

It’s crucial to be prepared for your first-time dab session!

If you’re providing the service of serving your friend their first dab ever, then it’s your responsibility to tell your friend these very important things about dabbing.

These are 7 things first-time dabbers need to know.

1. Dabbers Should Start Small

This cannot be understated.

There’s no reason you need more than a literal “dab” of this stuff. If your flower is 30% THC maximum, think about what 90% concentrate is like.

Think about it.

2. It Will Creep Up On You

Right after your first dab you might think, “Well that wasn’t so bad.”

You wait 10 minutes and you’re like, “Oh yeah this is really strong.”

You wait another 15 and you’re like “ Wait, how am I still getting higher?”

That’s what dabs are like.

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3. Don’t Hold It In Your Lungs Too Long

It’s not like weed where you challenge to see who can hold in their hit the longest.

Not more than 1 to 2 seconds is necessary for dabbing.

Your body will let you know regardless…

4. Dabbers Be Prepared To Cough

This should be a given if you don’t follow number 3.

If you’ve ever seen someone dab, it’s doubtful you’ve seen any of them take a dab without coughing.

5. The Flavor Is Addicting

On the positive side of dabbing for the first time, you’ll realize the amazingly concentrated flavor.

It’s called concentrate for a reason.

You’ll fall in love and maybe even make the switch from flower to oil just because of the flavor.

6. Munchies Are Intensified

If you thought flower gave you the munchies, think again.

The hunger strikes even harder with dabs so either already have eaten, or be prepared to eat the entire pantry.

7. Don’t Go To Work After Dabbing

This is our form of a public service announcement for dabbers.

We absolutely do not recommend operating machinery when you dab.

Don’t think that you can get away with taking a “little hit” like you can with flower.

Dabs are serious business. You’ve been warned.

Know something else first-time dabbers need to know? Tell us in the comments!