7 Awesome Weed Accessories

As a toker, you already know what kind of tools and weed accessories are necessary to prepare and use your marijuana.

Simply having fire, a pipe, and weed isn’t really enough.

There are nuances that only a weed smoker would understand.

Here are 7 awesome weed accessories that every stoner should have.

1. Safe Can

weed accessories - clock

Safe cans do exactly what their name describes.

They keep you safe.

They’re designed to be discreet and agile containers for when you need to lay low or keep your goods away from children (or anyone else.)

Consider the toilet brush safe can.

No one wants to touch those anyways.

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2. Rolling Trays

weed accessories - rolling trays

When you learn how to roll a blunt, you’ll find that having a good surface is crucial to efficient rolling.

Ever tried rolling a blunt in a moving car?

It’s hard.

But with a rolling tray, it will be that much easier.

These rolling trays are better off being left at home on your coffee table anyway.

Roll blunts in the car only if you’re in a rush.

3. Grinder

weed accessories - grinder

Tired of sticky and smelly fingers?

Tired of your buds not being broken down enough making it difficult to light?

Just give in and get yourself a nice grinder.

You’ll start collecting kief, and your weed will light so much easier.

You won’t regret getting a grinder.

4. Pipe Poker

weed accessories - pipe poker

These will replace the paper clip/ toothpick strategy you’ve been using to clear your bowl.

If you’re new to smoking, you won’t discover how important these things are until a little later.

Until then, it’s makeshift pipe pokers that constantly have to be replenished.

Save yourself a headache and buy a pipe poker.

5. Hemp Wick

weed accessories - hemp wick

This is an underrated weed accessory that you’ll love if you love the flavor of your weed.

Instead of direct flame from your bic lighter, try lighting a hemp wick first and using that to light up your weed.

Retain the flavor of your weed instead of having it taste like lighter fluid.

When you experience the difference, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on.

6. Roach Clip

weed accessories - roach clip

Yes, while you can come up with a variety of makeshift roach clips, having a dedicated one is just so much easier.

Your clip can even have its own swag while gripping that impossible-to-grip joint.

Make your life easier by getting your own roach clip.

7. Stash Box

weed accessories - stash box

Here’s a major weed accessory you’ll need as a smoker.

You have to keep your weed somewhere right?

Not only that, you need somewhere to keep your pipe poker, your bowl, your roach clip, your grinder, your rolling papers, etc.

The stash box is the integral accessory for a marijuana smoker without a doubt.

Why not make the container for your green as high quality as the buds themselves.


These are just a few things that stoners likely need to keep up the habit.

Marijuana smoking is an easy habit to get into by the way.

These materials don’t cost very much making marijuana smoking a low barrier-to-entry activity.

Consider picking up this wonderful hobby and come back to this blog when you’re needing to get better equipped for it.

Did we miss an important weed accessory? Tell us in the comments below.