drunk or stoned - cannabis

5 Reasons Why Getting Stoned is Better Than Being Drunk

Being drunk or stoned… Which is better?

It’s up you so pick your “poison.”

While smoking herb, like any stimulant, may have its pro and cons (“highs” and lows,” literally), research and history continues to show that marijuana is one of the most benevolent recreational “drugs” available.

Marijuana has yet to be linked definitively to any major health concerns while alcohol on the other hand, has a far less illustrious reputation.

Let’s dive in and look at the debate of being drunk or stoned!

1. Short-Term Consequences Of Being Drunk Or Stoned

drunk or stoned - cannabis

Alcohol can be deadly in a variety of situations.

Drinking too much too fast can potentially cause an inability in your body to metabolize the alcohol as quickly as it’s consumed. This can affect anything from heartbeat to respiration.

In addition, consuming alcohol in large amounts can act as an effective diuretic, essentially encouraging water to leave the body more frequently. This can sometime cause drinkers to become dehydrated.

Let’s not forget that smoking grass (assuming you’re rolling joints or packing pipes) is literally the combustion of plant material into your lungs.

With that being said, cannabis consumption has yet to be linked to a single death, conclusively. Marijuana affects the body in a much more subtle way.

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2. Stress Relief

drunk or stoned - cannabis

It goes without saying that marijuana can have a profound effect in bolstering patience in people.

It mellows your temperament.

Booze doesn’t have that reputation, at all. In fact, you can find alcohol to be at the center of a large majority of assault and battery cases.

Pot’s inherent psychedelia is more likely to promote peace, reconciliation, and inner work while alcohol has a tendency to treat a symptom rather than a problem.

3. It’s More Acceptable To Be High In Public

drunk or stoned - pot leaf

We’ve all encountered the public drunk from time to time. Nobody wants to be that guy.

Marijuana generally doesn’t encourage the characteristic loss of inhibition that a stiff drink will produce.

A mild high usually promotes introverted thought processes rather than the potentially rash and explosive expressions of your average drunk person

4. Hangovers

drunk or stoned - morning

You have to ask yourself if it’s all worth the hangover.

While some newer pot smokers may experience some residual effect the day after (often leaving them wondering if they’re actually STILL high) all in all, marijuana’s effects are largely fleeting and less disorienting than a drunk evening

Over time, our body’s ability to process alcohol effectively diminishes, resulting in far worse hangovers as well.

5. Productivity

drunk or stoned - smoke

You might think you can pull off certain responsibilities or obligations after a few drinks but we all know it’s not going to happen.

Alcohol undeniably augments your cognitive functions and motor skills in a pretty noticeable way. Some can hold their liquor better than others.

But your ability to remain physically able to complete basic tasks isn’t compromised after a bowl or two.

We could even go  as far to say that weed is highly regarded to enhance one’s creativity.

You can definitely get things done when you’re stoned!


Ultimately, it’s important to know how your body will be affected and how you operate under these substances.

Weed is clearly kinder than alcohol. Point blank…

Do you prefer being drunk or stoned? Let us know in the comments below.